My oh my…

I have been gone a little while haven’t I? Afraid that’s the way of it, I’ve been working very hard with the monetary job but have made a recent return to the creative grindstone as well!

On Monday night I had an excellent night featuring at Passionate Tongues. Michael Reynolds gave me quite an amazing introduction and I was glad for the reddish light because they saved my blushing. The crowd was relatively new to me and I managed to read the entire thing off an iPad! Being a tech geek FTW!

In further news, I will be making another feature at the magnificent Dan O’Connell on the first Saturday in August (the 6th, I think)! New posts coming soon.


Hello dear readers, just to get myself back in the habit of posting more often, I shall state I spent a very pleasant Saturday in the Gypsy Bar in Brunswick St. watching the world go by, writing idly and generally not stressing about much at all.

Stuff is forming in my notebook, but I seem to work by way of accretion. Will post again soon with something I was toying with on Saturday.

Hope you are all well.

Tim Hamilton vs. The Year Of Poetry

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post, dear reader. Many things are on the proverbial boil here and I hope to be a touch more active online. In short, here’s things that have happened in the absence of posting.

  1. Work continues apace in organising the Overload Poetry Festival, the line up is looking rather exciting with a sprinkling of interstate and international guests coming to perform. I’m currently hard at work updating the website and hope to have it up and running soon.
  2. I clocked in a new record for submitting poetry to a journal. Discovery of submission deadline to angst, selection, more angst, worrying about what to send, final angst and tidying of submission to clicking send in under an hour.
  3. On Sunday I attended the first of six workshops in The Year of Poetry, run by Peter Bakowski. As a result, I will be attempting to write one poem per week! Hopefully I’ll have them up here..for better or worse.

Reading:A Handful of Dust” – Evelyn Waugh
Listening:Weapon” – Matthew Good Band

Australians on the Indiefeed podcast!

I was delighted to discover that the Indiefeed Performance Poetry podcast is interviewing and featuring work by three Melbourne poets currently in the US. Alicia Sometimes, Emily Zoe Baker and Sean Whelan have all just appeared on the list. If you don’t listen to Indiefeed, I highly recommend it to lovers of poetry. As a podcast it can be handled through programs like iTunes or you can download individual episodes from the Indiefeed website.

More about Alicia, Emily and Sean can be found by following their links here!

Reading:District And Circle” – Seamus Heaney
Listening:This Year’s Girl” – Elvis Costello

Kevin Brophy in the Guardian

I was thrilled to see Australian poet (and patron of the Melbourne Poet’s Union) Kevin Brophy is featured in the Guardian’s Poem of the Week. Link here.

Reading: “Penguin Modern Poets 17 – David Gascoyne, W.S. Graham, Kathleen Raine”
Listening: “Everybody Has To Eat” – The Triffids
Playing: GTA IV and 2 games of futsal this evening.

Tim Hamilton @ Candy Stripes

Candy Stripes, part of the 7th Overload Festival
Candy Stripes, part of the 7th Overload Poetry Festival

I will be performing at Candy Stripes, a one-off gig as part of the Melbourne poetry festival, Overload. Along with me will be Josephine Rowe, Benezra, Jess Friedmann and Felix Nobis!

What: Candy Stripes
Who: Tim Hamilton, Jess Friedmann, Josephine Rowe, Felix Nobis & Benezra with your most marvellous MC, Mr. Anthony O’Sullivan.
Where: Candy Bar, 162 Greville St., Prahran
When: 8-10pm, Thursday 7th August, 2008.
How: much? $10 ($7 concession) entry.
Why: I’m featuring! My fellow features are made entirely of awesome! We’re reading in a really good place! It’s part of the Melbourne Showcase series for the Overload Melbourne Poetry Festival!!