My oh my…

I have been gone a little while haven’t I? Afraid that’s the way of it, I’ve been working very hard with the monetary job but have made a recent return to the creative grindstone as well!

On Monday night I had an excellent night featuring at Passionate Tongues. Michael Reynolds gave me quite an amazing introduction and I was glad for the reddish light because they saved my blushing. The crowd was relatively new to me and I managed to read the entire thing off an iPad! Being a tech geek FTW!

In further news, I will be making another feature at the magnificent Dan O’Connell on the first Saturday in August (the 6th, I think)! New posts coming soon.


I had the good fortune to attend the kick off for 2009 of Wordplay, the monthly gig hosted by Geoff Lemon which has now moved to the more spacious surrounds of the Dan O’Connell in Carlton. Given recent sad events it was also turned into a fundraiser for a poet who had suffered and lost in the recent bushfires.

We were entertained by the spiritual and thoughtful Simon Cox, Joelistics (musician and rap artist with TZU) got us moving, we were blown away by the picturesque story telling of Eleanor Jackson and beguiled at the end by the work of Kevin Brophy.

Go check out their website, listen to the mp3s of previous gigs, download a copy of the Wordplay mag that they’ve just launched. It’s all worth your time.

Poetry at the Dan O’Connell

Had a marvellous gig on Saturday afternoon, thanks to everyone who showed. Had a rather good turn up, forced myself to read things that I usually don’t, aired a couple of relatively new poems. In short, I pretty much did everything I hope to for a feature gig. New stuff, fresh old stuff, entertain the crowd.

Tim Hamilton @ The Dan O’Connell

Hello all,

Hmm, it has been a while since I posted last hasn’t it?

Never fear, I’m announcing a new feature gig!

Where : The Dan O’Connell, Cnr. Princes and Canning Sts. Carlton
When : 2pm, Saturday 28th June, 2008

I’m going to be making more noises about this later in the month, hope to see you there!

In the mean time, check out the Dan this week, Kevin Brophy will be the feature!

Dan O’Connell review

Had a fun old time at the Dan as one does. Many thanks to Cam for letting me feature there. I did two sets, opened the first set with Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy“, read some of my older stuff (Hierophant, Basement of Swallows, etc.) finished the first set with W. H. Auden’s “Law Like Love“. The second set opened with Lou Reed’s “Romeo Had Juliette” and then I went through my more recent stuff. Eulogy for the Cassette Tape, The Writer as Goalkeeper, Book Store, Tomorrow’s Ghosts.

Next week at the Dan, I believe we have the very cool Teresa O’Donnell

Fun was had, parents were there to see my gig, Guinness was consumed, all in all, a rather nice Saturday.

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Tim Hamilton @ The Dan O’Connell

I can’t believe this is approximately 5 weeks away.

What: The Dan O’Connell Poetry featuring Tim Hamilton
Where: The Dan O’Connell Hotel. Cnr. Canning and Princes St., Carlton.
When: 2pm-5pm Saturday 8th September.
Why: I’ll have new stuff, there’s an open stage with some marvellous readers, they have Guinness, it’s easy to get to, it’s really rather a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

It all happens in the front bar, it’s a marvellous atmosphere, oh do say you’ll come dear reader.

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Tim Hamilton @ The Dan O’Connell

Hello all,

It seems I have another gig coming up.

What : Tim Hamilton feat. @ The Dan Poets
Where : The Dan O’Connell Hotel, Princes St/Alexandra Pde, Carlton
When : September 8th, 2:00pm

The Dan Poets is an open stage gig that’s been running for approximately 14 years and is hosted by the inimitable Cam Black.

For those of you interested, the open stage gives you five minutes in front of the mic (the feature gets something like twenty, sometimes in two sets sometimes one, feature’s pick)