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Hello folks, happy easter/purim/oestre. It’s been a quiet month or so here on the poetry front. Much noise and commotion elsewhere though, so I can’t say I haven’t been busy. Far from it. I remember the days where the hilarity of sleep deprivation used to inspire me to write strange and mystical half-ranting poems. Now the hilarity of sleep deprivation brings overtime, bags under my eyes and a zombie like state for a day or two afterwards. So it goes.

I have news however!! I will be featuring at the Spinning Room on April 1st. Oh yeah, I’m well aware of the importance of the date. My set list will be tailored accordingly. Come see the funny.

What: The Spinning Room featuring Tim Hamilton
Where: ET’s Hotel. 211 High St., Prahran
When: 8pm, Tuesday, April 1st 2008.
Why: I’ll have new stuff, old stuff, and just about every silly poem I have in the set list.

Reading: David Prater – We Will Disappear
Listening: Ani Difranco – Wish I May

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