Eulogy for the Polaroid Camera

Eulogy for the Polaroid Camera

This year we shake our head
and mutter to ourselves
Another One Gone!
Your loss makes us feel
the weight of ages
We are taken
back to a time there was
a shutter, a whirring
Seconds later
Shaking, we discovered what sins
we had committed. Oh
Camera, you displayed to us the future
But we couldn’t see it.
Not enough time
Spent waiting for these pictures to form.
Too much time spent
looking through
The glamorous liquid crystal aperture
to see too little
could be seen
Through a tiny LCD screen.
We didn’t see
you had run
Out of film, while our data chips fill with
and regrets.

Reading: “Mean Time” – Carol Ann Duffy
Listening: “Shipbuilding” – Elvis Costello & The Attractions

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