Calling you well organised types…

I have something of a left-field question for you dear readers out there… and I know some of you have the required knowledge here.

I’m currently reading my way through my whole poetry collection (which is…large, to say the least), and sorting the read books as I go.

Now, I have X categories of books:

  1. Written and compiled by author (“From The Fool To The World” by Tim Hamilton)
  2. Written by author but compiled by someone else (“Selected Poetry” by W.H. Auden, compiled by ….)
  3. Multiple poets, single collection (“New Music” compiled and edited by John Leonard)
  4. Multiple poets, series (Penguin New Poets 1-27)
  5. Multiple poets, annual release (Best Australian Poetry 2003-2007, edited by Bronwyn Lea & Martin Duwell & Annual Guest Editor, UQP)

How do I go about getting my books into a semblance of order? As you can see above, I do have some ideas of my own but I’m eager to see how other people work this one out.

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Reading: Edna St. Vincent Millay – Early Poems

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2 thoughts on “Calling you well organised types…”

  1. Dewey splits most poetry by country/language of origin, I was discussing the arrangement with Nicole last night and her suggestions a bit of a winner for me.

    Authored books, a-z by name
    Collections, a-z by title.

    It makes more sense for me to do it this way as it takes into account what I’m looking for when I approach the bookshelves, either a poem written by “x” or a poem that was in collection “x”. Quite a sensible plan, now that I think about it!

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