That’s Chiroptera To You Mr. Lawrence.

So, here’s my response to D. H. Lawrence’s Bat.

That’s Chiroptera to you Mr. Lawrence.
I watch them camouflaged against deep plum evenings
Swirling commas and quotes,
        black escapees from cafĂ© menus.
Coffee ground golems given liberty.
        Stacatto chatter
of urgent evening gate screeches
amongst crepuscular tree branches.
Blind twilight heralds taking images from each sound.
I spy their tall inverted colonies
        with neither fear nor disturbance.
        as integral to my city.
I see their existence
Mr. Lawrence, I cannot share your disgust of bats.
You say they change guard with the sparrows.
Then they are important!
Though they have a human imitator, they
humbly maintain their routines.
Then I say they deserve respect.
No Mr. Lawrence, I speak for Chiroptera.
They don’t think much of you
nor your opinion.

Reading:The Best Australian Poetry 2005” – Edited by Peter Porter, Bronwyn Lea & Martin Duwell
Listening:Born To Run” – Something For Kate

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Tim Hamilton


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