That’s Chiroptera To You Mr. Lawrence.

So, here’s my response to D. H. Lawrence’s Bat.

That’s Chiroptera to you Mr. Lawrence.
I watch them camouflaged against deep plum evenings
Swirling commas and quotes,
        black escapees from café menus.
Coffee ground golems given liberty.
        Stacatto chatter
of urgent evening gate screeches
amongst crepuscular tree branches.
Blind twilight heralds taking images from each sound.
I spy their tall inverted colonies
        with neither fear nor disturbance.
        as integral to my city.
I see their existence
Mr. Lawrence, I cannot share your disgust of bats.
You say they change guard with the sparrows.
Then they are important!
Though they have a human imitator, they
humbly maintain their routines.
Then I say they deserve respect.
No Mr. Lawrence, I speak for Chiroptera.
They don’t think much of you
nor your opinion.

Reading:The Best Australian Poetry 2005” – Edited by Peter Porter, Bronwyn Lea & Martin Duwell
Listening:Born To Run” – Something For Kate

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Tim Hamilton


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