Short piece

Last night, I dreamt
the sea shaped by hurricanes;
each wave a shark’s tooth.

Actually, dear readers, while I’m enjoying putting this up in the name of new content I’d appreciate not only feedback but grammatical correction if it’s required. I’m not 100% certain that I have it right.

Reading:Cultural Amnesia” – Clive James
Listening:The Point Of It All” – Amanda Palmer

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Tim Hamilton


6 thoughts on “Short piece”

  1. @Heath: Marvellous, thank you.

    Who Killed Amanda Palmer is really good. I’ve been following for blog, etc. so I had already heard a few of the tracks before I got the album. Well worth the wait to get the whole thing though. I’m rather hoping to see her next time she makes it out here too!

    If you haven’t done so, check out YouTube for videos she’s made for songs off this album.

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