A change is as good as a….

So, I’ve made a few changes to the site, the new banner was found whilst looking around on DeviantArt. The credit for the real image goes to Guy With The Guitar (link goes to the original image). Obviously enough, I altered it a little to suit the purpose.

I found the image after putting the words ‘paris metro’ into the Deviantart search function. I’m a little obsessed with the Metro (and it’s London counterpart, the Underground), such interesting places, with their varied architecture and history, old adverts still stuck to the walls, millions of people passing through them each day.

Changes on the blog

A touch of bedlam in Law Like Blog-land as I attempt to get the theme working in concert with all the gadgets I’ve been adding. The look isn’t entirely how I want it, but I’ll tinker with that as time allows.

In other news, I think I’ll be attending the Melbourne Poet’s Union gathering this evening. As well as Jennifer Compton and Paul Mitchell putting in an appearance, Carla de Goede will be launching her book.

Also the Overload Festival kicks off next Friday with a Poet’s Pub Crawl. As John Garrett said last Tuesday night at Spinning Room, the Poet’s Season has begun and will continue through to December.

Listening: “Warnings Moving Clockwise” – Do Re Mi
Reading: “Break Blow Burn” – Camille Paglia
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